Stop Albino Slaughter in Tanzania

The crisis facing people with albinism in Tanzania and parts of East Africa has garnered worldwide attention. After the first story on ABC news magazine 20/20 aired on October 2, 2009, NOAH members came forward to help.  Responding to Mariamu Staford’s plight, many people donated money and offers of assistance.  DC area NOAH members arranged for her care and treatment, and took her plight to their local congressman.  As a result, a House Resolution passed this spring condemning the atrocities and calling for action.

NOAH continues to work with our partners to increase awareness about the immediate and long-term mortal threats to people living with albinism in East Africa.  The 2010 NOAH Conference included a keynote presentation moderated by ABC News’ JuJu Chang, and featured Vicky Ntetema, the journalist who first brought Mariamu’s story to light. 

You can help continue the work by writing a letter to Secretary of State Clinton urging her to speak out on behalf of people with albinism living in East Africa.  Click “Take Action” to the left to get started.

You can also help by supporting our partner organization, Asante Mariamu.  Founded by NOAH members Susan DuBois and Linda Wood, Asante Mariamu is dedicated to raising awareness about the crisis and to providing direct relief to people with albinism in East Africa.  To learn more about this issue, and the work that is being done, please visit Asante Mariamu at


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